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IF YOU NEED ANY KIND OF HELP ask Me !! (specially new partners)

Hello Everyone, 

If you need any kind of help regarding Portal, Dashboard, Billing & invoicing, Boosting your property and other 

you can ask me anytime, i would love to help you and will try best to provide you the correct information and help.


Hotel S.R Lounge Multan (PAKISTAN)



Hi Sam, Welcome to Partner Hub.


TIP: avoid putting more than 3 hastags, as it comes across as unnecessary spam,.

and only used those that are actually relevent to the topic. Thanks


Kind Regards.

Sergei - Commu…

Hi Mr. Sam! Welcome to the Partner Community. Great to see you want to help other fellow partners. I would recommend having a look at the unanswered tab at the homepage. Also, look through "Tips & tricks" topics where most of the questions appear.