Immediate reservations when registering my property

Hi everibody I'm new in booking and I had less than 1 hour registred, when some reserves appeared. I was still in configuration and instructions of the announcement.
I,'ve contacted directly the booking support and assistance, but until now I have no answer. I hope they understand, because , I didn't even post fotos enough, the description of the house is not complete, I didn't say my account number etc., etc... I'm still trying contact with them by telephone,to +44 20 3320 2609, but they're asking for numbers that I never saw...I 'll keep trying contact with booking, and maibe they will help me solving the situation, but it's not being easy... Want shell I do?it never happened in years as host...


Thanks for your help Cassid, I hope to have some atention and understending from Booking suport. I' ve been texting them all the afternoon and wasn`t enough.Beside that i send a mensagem to the client and wasn`t enough to. 2 hours ago i had the client on my door waiting for me. It`s sad because i`m a serious host`and it never happened before. Let`s see wath`s going to happen and how does Booking will treat my case.

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Hi, I had the same problem.I was still busy checking all and then there was a booking. As all info and text was not very well I try to mention that to the team. After that I have to cancel the booking, Strange, why. So I did not do that. Also a little panic as a saw that the owner was always responsible for the text ( booking made ). Then Booking cancelled and held me responsable for all costs. Now you understand I was not very happy with this all. But after some calls( about 10 ) I found the wright one who solved the problem. And now so far so good and never heard about this matter again.


My problem is how to avoid someone booking and turning up on my doorstep a few hours later - i need 24 hours notice at least . How do I set this up or can i