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Importing an external calendar before going live


I am new to Booking.com having not yet gone live. I am live on AirBnB and have imported the AirBnB calendar to update my availability - however the imported calendar does not show on my Booking.com calendar. I am afraid that going live before importing may result in a clash.

Would appreciate some advice.



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Thuild - Your …

Dear Denise,

Normally, when you link the 2 calendars BDC-Airbnb then Airbnb-BDC everything should be fine.

I'm not using this as I have a Channel Manager, which does things better.

However, you can try putting it live, test it, see if it works correctly and if not, then shut it down (you can remove availability in the bulk update setting to disable bookings).

Hope that helps,

Zsolt - www.thuild.com

2 years ago


I book through BDC, Airbnb & Trip Advisor without a channel manager. It works great (except when one of the sites goes down for a short time). They will sync automatically, sometimes immediately.

I wish you luck.

2 years ago
Leandri Klopper

Hi Denise,

Thanks for the post.

I'm just thinking that maybe it's not pulling through because the property is not verified yet. Once it is verified you can still amend everything before going Live as such. Perhaps that is a factor.

Best of luck!

2 years ago
African Serend…

Hi folks

Thanks for the comments and suggestions folks but I am still stumped. I have gone live but I am still unable to open any dates to make them available or set prices or see my imported calendar.

What now?


2 years ago


When I had that trouble, I noticed I had not clicked open on the "Rates & Availability"

Open or close for bookings

I hope this helps.
2 years ago