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Incorrect booking


we are new in the booking and we followed booking advise  to attract more customer we need to put £50 per night. After couple of days without realising it that you can book a year ahead , someone booked it for 7 night for £50 per night . It’s a high demand season and you can’t find prices like this . It was a big surprise to as and we immediately contacted booking asking to cancel the booking. But with no success. We are really have no experience on this kind of business and no one coached us how to use booking and asking for several times I’ve email for our account manager to contact us , no one even responded to the emails.  we are really disappointed 

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Sharonpowney 1 year ago

Unfortunately this website is a bit daunting when you are new and a small business.  This is the partner forum, so you are discussing with other hoteliers and not the help team.

You can easily change your rates.  Go into Rates & Availability, Calendar - make sure it is in List View.  Then open on left and you can see your rates.  You can then use the Bulk edit to amend rates according to date.  Plus add any restrictions such as minimum stay.

Worth spending some time thinking about it beforehand and then updating.  

Now that you have a booking the best thing to do is to message the guest, apologise and explain and ask them to cancel.  Otherwise think of it as a learning experience.

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BrookAve 1 year ago

no do not attempt to cancel or ask for more money.

thats disgusting!