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- Ilaria 



Hello everyone,

My name is, George Afif Boujaoude with my lovely daughter Christina.

We're from Los Angeles California originally, but operate a small studio rental business in Jounieh Bay area of Mount Lebanon, We have been blessed meeting so many different people from different cultures and learning so much about this beautiful world we live in.

We love meeting new people and chatting with guests after they leave, as a result of our love for what we do, our reviews have spoken louder then we can with words.

Each year our guest list grows and grows to were it is today, at over 136 regular visitors each year and growing, so does our love for the job. lol

We Thank BOOKING.COM for it many attributes that led to our success.

Kind Regards

George & Christina Boujaoude

+961-81-821581 WhatsApp also


Hi, I have been with booking.com since May 2018. Generally, things were going OK. I had a bit of a hiccup with payment delays in July 2018 but since then everything was OK until recently!!

I am currently in a very stressful situation with booking.com and it would appear no help is available. My problem started when my April 2019 payment did not arrive in my bank by 15th of May 2019. I made numerous calls to the helpline and left messages on my Extranet message area. Finally, on 24th of May I received a communication confirming that I would receive my April payment within 5 working days(although this message has mysteriously disappeared from my message area today).

It is now 3 June 2019 (6 working days later) and I still have not received payment. Does anyone know where I can turn to next to get the money I am owed from booking.com?

Regards Peter (Northern Ireland)


Morning all,

I'm Kerry. Very new to the hospitality industry and have only been involved since November last year. Co-owner and managing a beach lodge in Zanzibar after having had to leave my beloved home country Zimbabwe due to the current economic and political situation.

Our little beach lodge is right on the beach ( a dream I have always dreamed of ) but some days the 24/7 365 days a year can get to you.... so I'm finding out.

Great to get to know a few others that are also in this situation and see how you all feel... perhaps it's not just me :)

Have a fantastic day :)


Hi all, this is Jenny from New Hunters Moon B&B in Joostenbergvlakte, Cape Town.

I think one of the most important things to do in the hospitality business is to be adaptable. Each guest is a different experience, most are good and some can be a bit tricky. We meet some very interesting people which is such a good thing as it opens your eyes and hearts to current things. Always make sure their needs are met with good clean rooms, make sure the beds are super comfortable and make sure you are not overbearing if they are looking for solitude and privacy. If they have traveled a long way, make sure there is something small for them to enjoy with their coffee or tea. Flowers for the ladies makes them feel special.

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Info for your post and for your kind suggestions.
Vases full of beautiful flowers from my garden!!!!
Wish you all the best.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! -Driftwoodbeachlodge-Zanzibar and welcome to the forum.
Economic and political situations are both very frustrating. We have economic problems also in Greece but never loose our enthusiasm for having great time and experiences. Little beach lodge!!! sounds fantastic!!!thats the bright side of life. Please share some pictures of your heaven.
Wish you a happy day.


Hi, My name is Kunnampath Sukumaran, and India new in the hospitality field. Have a villa that is over 200 years old in Kerala, India.

I am a businessman, more focussed in Sharjah, UAE, and India as well as in Ghana.

I have traveled to around 38 countries and like traveling. You learn the culture of various places and countries, which is the average Personality of those in these places. We find the different ways people perceive, think, feel and react.

This helps in hosting people from various cultures.

Thank you.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Kunnampath Sukumaran from incredible India and welcome to the forum.
Surely traveling helps understand guests and feel their needs.
Please do share some pictures of your beautiful country.
Wish you a great season.