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Hi, my name is Lucila and I joined Booking 5 months ago. The experience so far has been mixed. I have a Bed & Breakfast, which I thought was a common thing in Europe and the US, but I have been having trouble having people understand the concept, they arrive expecting full use of the house, meals, etc. in spite of having been advised beforehand. Also, I find that Booking should insist on having the guest write reviews, They tend to forget.


Hi Lucila

My Name is Amanda and I run a guest House too - I understand what you mean about the customer expectations. You can put as much as you want on the BDC profile. I found a good way to get messages over to guests is by typing something out, taking a picture of it and then adding it to your pictures.

It will be read at some point of the booking as im very sure they look at the pictures before booking. Also i find using Private signs on the doors that are not for customer use works well too.

I have put information framed and on the wall of the guest rooms so they are again clear of the house rules and so on.

I hope all goes well for you - Amanda x