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 Dear partners,

we own Iraklitsa beach hotel cod. 38380 ,  reference in reservation reference nr.  name, we asked thougth  to send us again credit card  details,, and  the client  answer throught mail, that whe already pay in site We donot know any side, the booking is throught  booking com, we  have not cleasr  credit card  details, and please ask the  clients to send us credit carrd details or cancel the reservation,

we incluse the answer os the clients

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Dear manager Iraklitsa beach hotel my reservation was made through the site and I have already made the payment of 1190.68 with a credit card. I am must pay them in the hotel the fee 591.50 as shown in the photo. I did not understand what you need.Thank you La tua prenotazione presso Iraklitsa Beach#yiv

Best regards

Apostolos Athianas


Iraklitsa beach hotel ID 38380







Thuild - Your …

Dear Apostolos Athianas,

You need to contact BDC regarding this matter. Do that by going to Inbox in your extranet or by called the support number.

Best regards,

Zsolt -