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I am relatively new to B.C, I had a query regarding whether the rooms were non-smoking or not and I replied almost instantly yes the message notification still comes up under unanswered messages yet the answer is there to see. Would anyone know how I can clear this please?


Apartment Jolie

Dear jeremy,

If you have answered with Yes (non-smoking room ) it is ok...

Dont bother with that... It is only matter that is visible on your Apartment site...


Kreso (Jolie apartment)

Leandri Klopper

Hi Jeremy,

You received the query via the messages? Eg. Inbox->Guest messages?

Just below the message will be a link saying "No reply needed" and next to that it says "Reply". If you want the Unanswered message to go to Answered, you need to click on the "Reply" link. Don't just compose a new message because then the other one needs to be marked as No reply needed.

It's actually important, it shows that you respond fast to your messages.

Best of luck!