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Just got the first invoice from - but I am not paid yet!

I do not understand anything. is paying me on July 15th. 

I get invoiced and have to pay until June 15th. has the customer  credit card data and has already took his money. 

Why isn't booking just substrating his money ? 

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hi there,

Thanks for the question. Perhaps the best option to avoid confusion would be to speak to them directly.

It's possible that you have more than one payment option selected with them.

They should be able to tell you, send them a message through your extranet -> Inbox-> messages.

Keep well!

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Apartment Jolie 4 years ago

Dear host,

Booking is paying until 15. next month..

On your extranet stays that invoice is not paid... They automatically charge the costumer (few days before you get your money on account).. Normaly from 6. - 9. in the next month (invoice) and you're get your money from 12.-15. (few days later)....

You don't have to do nothing, only wait the invoice to be charged and you will get your money


Kreso (Jolie apartment)

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fluff 4 years ago


Are BDC paying you by bank transfer? When they first set up Pre-Pay, without telling/asking anyone, we had several bookings pop up as pre-pay before we could get BDC to remove the option from our listing.

We did this because we are only a new and small concern and not allowed off-line credit card processing yet with our bank. Therefore, cannot use the virtual card payment whichwould be much faster.

The payment for our pre-pays via bank transfer took between 2 and 3 months and much chasing.

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Apaminerala 4 years ago

BDC pays me by bank transfer, yes. Indeed, the money arrived on the 13th, and indeed they kept their comission ( which I am happy to pay, they send clients ) .

The feeling for the moment is that I am paid with a certain delay - it is not the case for the direct competition, airbnb.