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  1. How can I get in touch with If your question can’t be answered by another partner, please send a message through your Extranet inbox or find your contact number.
  2. Why didn’t my post show up? We have a filter designed to automatically detect spam, however legitimate posts can often be caught too. If your post contains sensitive information (for example, guest confirmation number) or profanity, these words will be edited out and the rest of the post will remain intact. If your post is removed for violating the community guidelines, you will receive a notification email alerting you of this.
  3. How can I manage my email notifications? Add notifications by clicking the Follow button while browsing any forum thread or topic. You can unfollow a thread or topic either by clicking again on the button (to ‘unfollow’) or unsubscribing through the link in your email notification. If you start a post or reply to an existing post, you’ll automatically be enrolled to receive email updates.

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Leandri Klopper 3 years ago

Super helpful as always, Laura!

Thanks and Keep well.

Annembuchanan 3 years ago

Hi, I just joined and have published my property without a verification code. Can I take it down until the code arrives? Thx Anne

Barbarardodds 3 years ago

Hi we put our property on over the weekend. On the home page it says Open and Bookable. When I have gone onto your website and typed in the area etc it shows our property. However, when other people have typed in the same thing on a laptop or phone or computer nothing for us is showing. How is that please?? Many thanks for your assistance. Barbara Dodds Property ID 4588703