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Just saying hi

Hi everyone, just saying hi as we're fairly new to, we've been using it for over a year for one rental unit but we've just put a lot more on so thought I'd come and say hi as I've seen some great advice given in the forums. Hopefully I'll be able to offer some myself soon!

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Laura, Communi… 3 years ago

Hi John, welcome to the forum!

The Just Joined? Introduce yourself! thread is a great spot to meet the other members in our community, and the September Photo Challenge: Favourite Spot at your Property is another fun thread to introduce yourself.

If you'd like to try your hand at offering advice, check out the Question of the Week posts! These are based on your own property experience, so please do feel free to share your expertise. This week's is How do you check with your guests during their stay?

Happy posting :)

- Laura

John 3 years ago

Fab thanks Laura!