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Kalliopi spyrou

Dear sirs

i bought a house that was already listed on previous owner inform about the house sale and that he want to transfer booking account to me.we got some emails from booking about our details etc and the contract.after that they sent us that we will receive an ID number for the house.we never get something like that.we get notifications about bookings but we can see our reservations or clients messages.can anybody help us

thank you


Hi @Kalliopi

Do the bookings and  transactions comes to your email address and your account? I personally feel if you gets booking messages and cash there no need to change the property id

Kalliopi Spyrou

Thanks for your response.i finally contact with and they resolve the problem.Have a nice weekend


You welcome. Stay active in this forum because you can obtain very helpful tips from fellow members.


We also took over an already listed property. We just gave all the relevant new details;

Phone numbers, email addresses

Key people for contact and roles

New bank details

Probably something else I've forgotten about 3 years down the line!


That was it. No new codes, just use the old ones and change the passwords. The I.D. number is the same as the one you use for this forum (unless you have multiple properties registered)