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"Know your costumer obligation"


I have just joined booking 2 weeks ago.

I keep on getting this message : fill out "know your costumer obligation". I filled it out several times already, but the message keeps on popping up. Why is that ?

As well I am waiting already 2 weeks to get the code to confirm my property. Is that normal too ?

Thanks for your help


Hello Marc Elsen! Thank you for posting in the Community. Will you, please, share a screenshot in the comments? 


Thank you for sending a screenshot. I've already shared the bug report with the developers team, so I hope this will be fixed soon. Thanks again for letting us know about this!

Isle of Wight …

Marc, you are not the only one!

Sergei - we keep seeing the same things appear in the community - last week, lots of people asked about online payments - a few days ago, lots of people asked about the verification codes - and now we're seeing the "Know your customer" issue. Are there any updates planned for the community so that people don't need to keep asking the same questions all the time?