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Legal Entity

Hi we recently signed up to use a Channel manager to handle our bookings. They are asking for our legal entity number? can anyone please help me to know where to find that.

I've looked through all the information we've been sent so far and can't seem to find a reference to Legal entity information.


Thank you very much in advance

Jamie & Ankie Bell.


Perhaps just your ID Property number?

Which channel manager did you choose?

Jacqui Davies


Did you manage to find your legal entity? I am at the same stage as you and don't know where to find it!





Hi - Just to share my experience on this (have been going around with circles with for over a week now on this). 

My PMS (Guesty) requires a 4-6 digit Legal Identifier ID in order for me to be able to publish new listings to from Guesty - sounds similar to all the other PMS's out there. 

I have made numerous calls to and sometimes they say that my LEID is the full name of my company, other times I call they say that my LEID is blank and that I don't have one?

I suspected that my account is set up as an sole entrepreneur account, and not a company account and that this is the root cause of not having a LEID.

I request (via phone) to confirm this root cause and to change this over to a company account. For some reason the helpline did not seem to know much about this, and service really varied depending on who you get on the phone. One one occasion I was told to use my currently registered property id in place as the LEID and that would be OK (but of course the property id for me was 7 digits - so wasn't valid!). 

I then called back again and this time someone half confirmed the missing LEID was because I was set up sole entrepreneur and not corporate account, and they said they would change my account over. After 2 days I was then sent a message from saying that I need at least 4 properties to change to a company account (I only have 3 currently).

So I replied that I only have 2 at present, and that all I wanted was my 4-6 digit LEID code so I could publish my 3rd one via my PMS. 

After a day then replied that my LEID was already available and that it was... the full name of my company (again!).

So I've gone round full circle, and I suspect they have not progressed my application for a corporate account (called card partner?). 

The moral of the story right at the beginning not to make a mistake and set up the account as individual entrepreneur, otherwise it's almost impossible to get correct to corporate account and you have to wait 23-48 hours between each reply from (and then it's always someone different so they lose context of your original question). 



Why not just go to another PMS provider? For example Cloudbeds.. Guesty is overpriced anyways. And their agent forcing me to purchase their services over the phone was just appalling.

M Adamopoulou

Thanks pibomarco...Yesterday I was searching info about  you have given me information needed...

What a coincidence...