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linking a web domain

Hi we have purchased  a web domain which matches the name of our property although we have no actual web site .

Our idea is to put this on our external sign and if someone searches this it will take them to our listing on

Thats the plan but we don't know how to do this practically ...any advice would be appreciated .





Hi Mark


Its called a redirect or forward.


You set it up on the domain registrar DNS config.


ALL requests for *.domain.tld  to


Tell me who its registered with and I can likely tell you or find the link to the help page for it, once i have that.


PS: please rename profile to either your name or listing short name, I doubt you are a member of TheBorg :p


And add listing link to profile also, thanks


Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide

Reminder partner only communityhas no link to BdC support, you must contact them directly.  


Kind Regards


How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile

Your profile is missing your listing link, please add it.