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list my villa

Hi my name is Cherry. I am a property owner of the two villa in Upper Tangaro, Catarman, Camiguin- Taylor's Country Home. I just finished my two bedrooms luxury villa and trying to list to booking for over 2 months now without success. I uploaded the photos and filled it out all the necessary requirements but it is still not going live. I put all the available dates and price. It is asking me for a code that you are going to send in my property but when I asked my caretaker, they did not receive a letter from booking. I rang booking 2 weeks ago and told me that they will send someone to confirm that my villa exist but no one did an inspection. I did not receive any letter for follow- up with booking or anything. I have been waiting for over 2 months. Booking manage my one property the Taylor's Country Home, what evidence you guys need that my villa exist so I can provide it if necessary. 

Hoping for your quick reply regarding this matter.



Cherry Taylor

M Adamopoulou

Dear Cherry sorry to hear about your struggles.

Please call directly BDC or send a message request through your Extranet inbox since this is only a Partner Community.

Wish you all the best.