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Listing is closed/not bookable.


I just gone live..............or so I thought, but I have Closed/Not bookable and I dont know how to change that.  I have received an email that says Congratulations you are open for bookings.  Guests can now book your place on our site.   

Really, ummm no.  Would I have to find contact number and ring them?  thanks Donna

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

Welcome to the forum and!

You will need to Add rooms etc to your calendar and then open them before they are bookable. You literally go to Rates and Availability and click Open/Close rooms. Make sure about your availability though, remember every booking is Final.

Here are some articles that can walk you through it, alternatively Partner help nr is at Inbox - Messages.


Best of luck with your bookings!


I have the same problem and this did not work for me. I have an entire house available to rent and all dates show closed/not bookable. I've spent hours trying to figure this out. Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO make this process much easier.


Im on year two of using and it does get a lot easier. At first it was so awkward to use but the more you play around with it the better it gets. We have had a new interface since when i started so i had to learn how to use it all over again.

Spend an evening on the rates and availability page and get yourself familiar with it. Also make sure you have ticked all that you need to do in the Property section.

Leandri Klopper

Hey Nicbritton,

That's the same way I learned. But I did bother's call centre quite a lot those first few weeks. I just feel that having someone speaking to you while you putter around on the website is much more learnsome.

I can't say it enough, if you keep struggling and you feel like pulling your hair from your head, Pick up the phone and talk to They foresaw this and that's why they have support centres for us.

Best of luck


I'm experienced user, on Booking for years but recently we added apartment and my experience does not work. Follow all instructions and even had one reservation but now we are again nowhere. Apartment is not bookable, does not show on map, let me do promotion just to tell me that we not bookable. I't tells me we only 74% ready after I went through all options listing that nothing applies to our 2 rooms apartment in Krakow. Calling Booking is not easy job as well. We called few days ago to correct place of our listing on the map, in the effect we're not listed at all.

I do not remember having such difficult time years ago when we started. We're generally happy with booking service and I thing is second one after AirBnB. I'm not happy that I do not have direct e-mail contact with client. Do not understand why, but AirBnB do the same. Last time I answered client question but did not know that is a new reservation until guests came. It's easy to miss reservation unless you seat by computer all day. Even bigger phone are not good enough.

I like this new calendar sync option, it looks like is working well. I'm using as my main calendar and sync it with airbnb and wimdu. Unfortunately I can not sync with my calendar without paying for it.

I wonder if anybody knows how to set up ical. I have ical on my calendar but can not set up rooms in any order. Just see reservation name but no details or room number, it goes by colors.

Leandri Klopper

Hey Admin,

If the property is not 100% set up, make sure you Mark the things that are not applicable.'s platform won't assume that you have seen a feature (which let's say is not applicable) unless you have marked it relevant or irrelevant. But having a score of 100% shouldn't affect whether or not the property is bookable?

Are you sure your property is verified, I've heard stories that you can receive a few bookings by accidentally going live for a while until they realise your property isn't verified.

Best of luck!


Dear Sir,

Why Our property Palakal Residency shows closed ,Please do needful toopen