Listing full apartment and separate rooms (One address) in the same extranet

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I listed my full apartment on booking, and now I also want to list separate rooms (belonging to the same address). I opened the the separate rooms in a different extranet, but I would like to know is it possible to manage everything under one extranet?

The system and  the help centre link has me a bit confused!


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Leandri Klopper

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I fear it might be too late. Once you have registered a "Property" (Eg Apartment) then you can add different rooms to it under one extranet. But as soon as you add another Property by itself, then you get another Extranet for that one.

We managed to add a few properties on the same Extranet Group, but once you click on the property you need to work with the system takes you to the seperate extranet.

Can you maybe Screenshot how yours look and share? Not sure what you mean exactly.



Hi Leandri,

Thank you for your reply. Im not sure what to screenshot, so i will try and explain a bit better.

I have one apartment, and i would like to rent it out 1) full apartment 2) and rooms.

I have 2 extranets, but the issue with that is that I cannot sync the calenders together, so i would like to use one extranet.

I have been successfully renting out the whole apartment so far. And haven't rented out the rooms alone yet. So i can close my rooms extranet if needs be, and add rooms to the apartment extranet.

When i try to add property to my full apartment extranet, it is not allowing me to add rooms.

What should i do? Thank you again

Leandri Klopper


No problem, but I'm thinking the property Type you added is what is stopping you from adding Rooms also.

Can you try add the Whole Apartment to the extranet that is allowing you to rent the rooms?

So I have 1 bedroom units and 2 bedroom units standing next to each other. So for instance I can load the1 bedroom unit as 1 room, the 2 bedroom unit as 1 room and a 3 bedroom (which is both units together) as 1 room. All under one extranet. But you will still need to update you calendar if you go this way, because adding the Whole apartment, will not subtract from the single rooms and vice versa.

Hoping our partners will have better suggestions...


Hi Leandri,

I can't add the whole apartment to the rooms only extranet :(
I'm setting up an account for my friend, who wants to start renting whole apartment and rooms on Booking. How should we proceed from the start? Without making any of my past mistakes?

Thank you

Leandri Klopper

Hi there.

Oh boy :-\ I'm sorry. Would have been great if that worked.

Okay well I'm not That familiar with renting a whole Apartment. But just make sure you select the right Property type. My suggestion would be to give Booking.com a call and explain to the lovely lady/gentleman what exactly your friend wants to rent out and have them suggest how to go about it. On that note, I've just sent a feedback thingy asking Booking.com to provide us with a list on the Knowledge base about property Types and what the differences are so that the future people don't struggle.

For now, maybe read this: Registering multiple properties

Let us know how it goes, and best of luck! I wish your friend's property success.


Hi OP,

Did you or your friend successfully setup or modify your units to do what you wanted wrt renting apartment unit versus rooms separately?

I'm in a similar situation in that I have one apartment with 3 bedrooms (2 dbl & 1 twin & 1 sofabed). In this low season I am not attracting enough groups so property is vacant during the weekdays.

I'd like to either let the entire unit (max occupancy of 8 people) or just one room at a time. For instance I'd like to attract couples. So if a couple books one double room, I lock the other 2 bedrooms & they have access to the kitchen, living room & their double en-suite bedroom.

The closest solution I have at the moment is to do the discount for 2 people thing but that makes the offer available on weekends, which I don't want. We have no problem filling the place on Saturday nights as we're in a busy city, so I don't want a Saturday night getting booked up by 2 people on a heavily discounted rate.

Any help much appreciated.


Marianna .

Hi there.. actually I have the same problem . Have you found a solution way?!