Listing not appearing in Google when using the bolt on website app

Hi, I am possibly doing something really wrong, we listed our property on booking.com and opted to have the bolt on app to our website. The property is listed with google business on maps yet on a google search we do not appear, our competitors appear on booking.com but we do not. 

do I need to activate the "channel manager?"

What am I doing wrong, is this because I am using the bolt on app (which seems crazy as booking.com charge an additional £10 per month for the pleasure!) 

Any help welcome, thanks in advance. 

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

Thanks for posting. Does it show now? Normally these things take time to activate and reflect etc, not sure how long the Bolt thing will take but normal changes take up to 24-48 hours sometimes. 

I doubt that your channel manager has anything to do with you not showing on Booking.com, unless you have one and they have taken off your availability? 

Is your property open though? Has it been verified? Can you take a screen shot of the home page for us, it will state on there whether or not it is open.

Best of luck