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listing not showing on mobile phone

Hi there, 

I have a few questions but I can't find where to ask them, maybe on here someone can help.  I have set up our listing on and when I put in certain parameters my listing does show on my computer.  However when I try on my mobile phone with the same parameters it doesn't show at all. 

I set up the listing about 3 days ago now and zero interest.  I think its because people can't see it, also of course Covid is a problem I know as the property is in Spain.  

My other question is that when I try to go in to my account my only way in is to go to a certain email booking. com sent me a few days ago saying that my listing is now live.  Each time I have to go and find that email so that I can access.  There must be an easier way.


Any help at all would be so gratefully received.







Hi Tracey Ashley


  1. Accessing The Extranet Anywhere
    1. memorize  
  2. BdC pulse app Not everything syncs in real time. Pulse on android : Open App, bottom right, tap the three dots more. Other Menu opens Property Details menu , tap it. Now your Property is listed, tap to open.



Kind Regards


PS : please take the time to complete your profile and add the property listing link

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