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Listing review period

Hi  -

I hope all things are as good as they can be for everyone right now with this virus pandemic.

My question has to do withhow long it takes for a listing review to take place?

It has been a while now for me :-)

Thanks for the update.


M Adamopoulou

Hello and thanks for wishes.

Sometimes it takes more than 3 weeks for a property to be verified...For more information maybe you should contact directly

Wish you well.


Indeed as Maria stated.


It tends to vary by region or country.


Due to the high call and message volume BdC teams are extremely busy , and have to triage, prioritise, so it may take a bit longer.


Please be patient as it is worth it.


Kind regards, be safe, be well

Serge Aoussou

As they say, patince is a vitue. Sometims there's a glitch in the system but I'll keep on witing for some action. Thanks again Barry

Best regards