Live but not displaying

Made my listing live today and I can veiw it via the option to on my extranet which shows us accurately on the map but if I search either of my localities - the town or the island we are on we dont display.

If I seach my property name it shows hotels near my property but not us!

Glen Orchy House

Yes thats us!

But I can only find us on map - nowhere else and I know when I use booking.com to book personally I don't use the map feature so it would alienate us from guests like me.

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

I think they fixed it. I typed in Glen Orchy house and found you:

So no alians will find you, just nie guests hopefully!


Glen Orchy House

We've had a few bookings now!
Very excited :)

Thank you for keeping an eye on it for us!