I'm in the process of joining Booking.com and trying to get a full integration with our channel manager called Supercontrol. We have been told to request an LEID- Legal entity ID for our Booking.com account to enable the integration to progress, this is not the "hotel" or "property" ID it 's something else, I think it might be one LEID per account?- no matter how many properties you have? I have spoken to Booking.com twice, first time I spoke to a lady from Croatia and then I was put through to Canada, they had never heard of it. We are in Scotland, is this a UK thing? Is there anybody out there who has any idea about this? 

Any advice would be really appreciated.

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Simple answer  is your channel manager needs to provide a proper document of steps for you to follow.


Contact them instead.


It's likely it is their name for propertyid, as there is no other ID, that a C.M. uses.

Its always the propertyID first to be linked followed by RatePlsn ID mapping.


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