Local support team , how to complaint ?

Hello , I just recently opened hotel , and without long story , after full verification (including letter sent from NETHERLANDS !!) , after 3 weeks of running, booking.com has blocked my account saying that is duplicate.

After conversation with one of the member , I have provided all documents which clearly shows that if there was a hotel before I have nothing to do with that. They have confirmed it.


And : 


Since than , there is no respond for a week , I have sent in total 75 messages , and called 55 times.
i have spoken with more or less intelligent people from support , but non of them cannot do anything as it's local support office.

Now tricky part , local support office does not have email address , no telephone number , they cannot be contacted at any circumstances , they DO NOT HAVE TO RESPOND AT ALL , they may , but they don't have to.

I have informed my lawyer , he has sent official letter to customer service as they advise that, we looking for at least 800GBP compensation a day since they blocked account on false "charges" (They try to charge me with previous owner debts).


Another funny part , they trying to force to take old owner account as its for them  "CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP", they have all documents , that I haven't purchase old business and there is no change of ownership , and they are sending messages to the account I don't have access too , (we somehow just receiving emails that they have sent message to former hotel extranet) - to the email address with my property !!!!!


Its been going like this since Friday , booking.com has got pure monopol in United Kingdom , there is no work without booking.com , I'm not sure if thats even legal ? 

You can be listed everywhere , but without this website there is nearly no bookings...
Its looks like competition on the market here is only to show that booking.com is no monopolist ? 


Have any of You got similar situation ? What can be done ? Shall I start with the legal action ?
Is there any secret number to person with any power/knowledge in this company ? 

Procedure for complain its illegal , I was told that by my lawyer , as they ask to send complaint to the people I complaint with (message through extranet), its shouldn't be like this.


I'm just tired and frustrated, and than it will be a huge issue to get compensation for all this days, at the very end I will probably get it, but it will take months/ up to 2 years I was told... 


Any advise please ? 


Thank You

Ian at Numurka…

list with Little Hotelier.

we are having problems with booking.com too.

specialist staff wont return phone calls,

1 of our properties shut down unfairly

and we are getting lawyers too,.

seems booking.com admin have communication problems.

very bad.

Villa Thea Col…

Hi there

We are experiencing exactly the same type of problems!

Have you managed to resolve them?

Thanks so much!


Villa Thea Col…

We are experiencing exactly the same type of problems!

Have you managed to resolve them?

Thanks so much!