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Location verification

Hi -

I am trying to verify my location and have seen all the posts where people have similar problems with no letterbox, remote locations etc.  This also applies to me.

The posts were helpful and I found the page that says "in extraordinary circumstances if postal verification is not possible, to contact for an alternative verification option".  

It hyperlinks the word "contact" back to a generic page and/or says "go to your inbox for your direct contact number".  I do not have a direct contact number listed and the "contact" page is useless.

Does anyone have another solution?  For the people that were able to verify location via video chat etc., how did you finally get in contact with them?

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Hi Jodi,

Sorry to hear your problems.


In your Extranet inbox you can send a message request directly to BDC.


1) In your extranet, go to the ‘Inbox’ tab.

2) Select ‘ messages’.

3) Click on ‘See Contact Options’. 

BDC phone numbers are revealed on the right.

Maybe  they can send you an e-mail verification...

Remember beginnings are always difficult....

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