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Location verification via video call

Booking com has closed my property, while they gave me until 1st of July to fill in the code I should receive in the mail. I called them and they told me they are going to schedule a video call in order to verify my Hotel's location. I have been waiting for an email with the scheduled call for a day now, while I cant receive any bookings. 

M Adamopoulou

Hello Konstantinos,

Sorry to hear about your struggles but you just have to wait or call them again...

Wish you a safe summertime...




Hi Konstantinos Synodias


  1. how long has it been since first signup?
  2. how long has it been since video call was mentioned?


Dont be afraid to message them back to remind them.


Make sure you have closed rooms so you dont get any surprise bookings if you are not fully setup.


Kind Regards

Konstantinos S…

Hey BrookAve, it has been 2 days since they closed everything and a week and a half since I signed up. The deadline for me to enter the code I should get by mail is the 1st of July. 2 bookings are already canceled because booking com is send people that have made reservations weird emails. (2500euros) and I have received more than 5 messages from people who have booked asking if everything is alright, since they are receiving emails from booking com. horrible. This mistake from booking cost me more than 4000 euros in total, considering that every day for a week now I have been receiving bookings worth around 1000 euros. Horrible service from booking com. I am calling customer service and non of them can help me.