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Logging on to extranet


Have just started up on  I am having tremendous difficulty to signing into my account on extranet.  It just keeps asking me over and over again for my sign in details.

Reason I want to sign in urgently today is because I have received notice of a reservation but the price quoted is far less than it should be.  If I go on onto as a pretend customer and look at making a reservation at my own property the price comes up correctly.  So what is going on?  Any help on these two subjects gratefully received.  Patricia

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi  Patricia Gwilliams

Right firstly lets reset  your browser cache

press <CTRL>+F5> to force reload the page and clear browser cache.


the link you should be using is

Those are only 3 words to remember and can logon on any device (admin, booking, com)


On Pricing , yes this is common surprise for new partners.

How is my rate plan being calculated and showing less then I was expecting?


Typically its becuse of other rate plans, promotions, and of course the cursed one aka Genius Discounts enabled and stacking with others like Mobile Rate enabled.


I recommend for a new partner is:

  1. Set only two rate plans non refundable nightly, then a felxiable rate plan which is based off the N.R. Night plan , ie costs a % more.
  2. Now you link those to the Room Types if any.
  3. Under RAtes & Availability, disable Mobile Rates (10%)
  4. If you have two or more Roomt Types, only enable Genius for one of them ; the budget one versus the delux one for example.
  5. Enaable under Policies: Guest phone and address; and Require all rates t obe prepaid ; This means enabling Payments by Booking.


These few simple steps will get you started and secure your bookings, prevent fake bookings etc.



Kind Regards


PS : please take the time to complete your profile and add the property listing link

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