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Logging on to extranet


Have just started up on  I am having tremendous difficulty to signing into my account on extranet.  It just keeps asking me over and over again for my sign in details.

Reason I want to sign in urgently today is because I have received notice of a reservation but the price quoted is far less than it should be.  If I go on onto as a pretend customer and look at making a reservation at my own property the price comes up correctly.  So what is going on?  Any help on these two subjects gratefully received.  Patricia



Hi  Patricia Gwilliams

Right firstly lets reset  your browser cache

press <CTRL>+F5> to force reload the page and clear browser cache.


the link you should be using is

Those are only 3 words to remember and can logon on any device (admin, booking, com)


On Pricing , yes this is common surprise for new partners.

How is my rate plan being calculated and showing less then I was expecting?


Typically its becuse of other rate plans, promotions, and of course the cursed one aka Genius Discounts enabled and stacking with others like Mobile Rate enabled.


I recommend for a new partner is:

  1. Set only two rate plans non refundable nightly, then a felxiable rate plan which is based off the N.R. Night plan , ie costs a % more.
  2. Now you link those to the Room Types if any.
  3. Under RAtes & Availability, disable Mobile Rates (10%)
  4. If you have two or more Roomt Types, only enable Genius for one of them ; the budget one versus the delux one for example.
  5. Enaable under Policies: Guest phone and address; and Require all rates t obe prepaid ; This means enabling Payments by Booking.


These few simple steps will get you started and secure your bookings, prevent fake bookings etc.



Kind Regards


PS : please take the time to complete your profile and add the property listing link

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