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Looking for a places to stay in Milan, Venice and Paris

Hi Fellow Partners.

My wife and I are travelling from Australia to Milan, Venice and Paris in October and wondering if any of you own / manage a property in these areas that we could visit, or if you have stayed anywhere in these areas that will be good value for money.


Mike and Caral (Sea Nest - Modern Yurt)

Leandri Klopper

Hi Mike and Caral,

Thanks for posting!

How nice would it be if had kind of a program where Partners can open their properties to one another at a discounted price? Or at least that they take less comm? We help each other out with information/suggestions/advise daily so why not with accommodation?

Anyway, just a quick "wouldn't it be nice" post. I'm hoping one of our partners will help you out with your trip!

Keep well!

Clem 05

Hi Leandri;

Yes it would be good. I think it is up to us owners to also promote our own accommodation and if it means giving away or swapping a few nights to get some honest reviews I think that is a good business decision. Also I would learn from others experiences and maybe see things that I may want to implement in my yurt.



Thomas (Austria)

Hello Mike and Caral!
If you drive down to Venice from ie Munich, then you might pass by our house... It's located at Brennerpass/Tyrol.
Maybe you want to post your route, when its planned.
Bye, Thomas

Clem 05

Hi Thomas,

If we were driving that way we would surely look you up, however we are flying into Milan and training it to Venice, then back to Milan - Paris then the UK to pick up a cruise.

Cheers Mike