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Good morning guys..


Can you give idea how i can make sale in unpeak day...For example,sales for un Holiday day..It a nice if everday i got a customer even 2 booking per day..Your idea maybe helping me..tq 



Hi Azlin


If you could please setup property link in profile so we can see it , and understand  prop type and setup it may help.


in general you could do early weekday -Sun to Wed, lower rate but enable 2 night minimum.

Also if two or more rooms, set one room type to 1 night , but higher cost versus the other rooms.


Using different Rte Plans you could have Non Refundable rate on the cheaper room, and then flexible on the higher cost room, with strict cancellation policy 50% payout on cancelation.



There are alot of different scenarios and combinations.


But it really comes down to many factors: property type; location; target audience if not everyone etc..









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M Adamopoulou

Experimenting with promotions, offers...which one is best??? 

There is a Greek saying....you have to pay to learn...



M Adamopoulou

Dear Partner,

There are many ways to do promotions... I asked the same thing yesterday...

Our partner Marita has posted "Promotions". Search and look the comments.  Hope it helps you.

Please have a look... 

Wish you luck.

Seri Kenangan

hi..in general we are facing the same problems..My property Seri Kenangan has no booking coming in for the month of January 2020. ..is there any thing we could work together that at least  1 -2 booking a weeks.



Hi Seri,


It really does not work like that. Its more of chance if someone decides to book.

Setting realistic rates, or start with less restrictions then evolve it later on.