Minimum Night stay via Channel Manager

Hi everyone.

I have a minimum two night stay set for certain months of the year. This is done in my channel manager which then sends the info onto Booking.Com.  I noticed that this information does not show when a guest is looking at my listing.

The problem I am having is that if a guest has dates set to one night int their search, my property shows as having no availability (because I have a minimum two night stay).  I want this information to be obvious to a potential guest so they might consider booking an extra night.  As things are at the moment, it looks like my property is fully booked on that night so they just go onto look at different properties in the area, instead of considering booking a two night stay.

I can't find any way to alter this as my minimum night stay is set via my chanel manager and not through the Booking.Com extranet.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

Thanks for the detailed post.

Sadly, that's just how Booking.com's availability works. I have Midweek or Weekend or Fullweek stays only, so if someone searches from Monday to Wednesday, my property doesn't show. They have to search for Monday to Friday. I've spoken to Booking.com and apparently they are aware of the situation but is not looking into changing it yet. My suggestion was to have a Offer Alternative sections where if someone does a search from Monday to Wednesday, my property can pop up and show the availability for hhe Monday to Friday. I always explain to my clients that it's cheaper to buy the 4 nights from me and use the two or three nights you needed rather than paying the same amount to stay just two nights at another place.

Wish there was a solution for you, sorry about that.

Best of luck though!


Thanks for the info ... this will have a much greater impact on your business than mine.

Chatby Lane Lorne

This issue has not been fixed. It just makes sense to promote longer stays for more revenue for Booking.com and the partner. 

Does anyone have suggestions as to how to get around this issue? 

I message saying "minimum night stay applies" would do the trick- rather than the false misleading information that says there is no availability at this property.