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Minimum nights


I need to put on the calendar for December that we are only taking a minimum of a 14 night booking over the Christmas period into new year but I can't work  out how to do it as there's only a 7 night minimum option.

Can anyone assist please? 


Simply request a higher maximum-of-your-minimum through extranet.

Jane Powell

I need to do the same (set a minimum number of nights booking), but I haven't got a clue what that answer said! can someone explain step by step??


Don't worry, that answer was placed after already finding the setting.

The system has changed a little since then as well.


In extranet first go to Rates & Availability

Then Calendar

At the top of your page is the select dates box and also a tick box for Restrictions, check that and the available restrictions will appear. For the minimum stay setting there is usually a default maximum of 7 days, if you want longer you'll need to request BDC to increase the limit.