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Hei. i joined recently your website. add my property in Klaipeda Danes Vingis. But i forgot to write the full adress. i didnt mentioned the flat number. and i cannot find where i can add. can you please help me to do this because i will not get an email with code :(



Hi Monika Grigaite


Welcome to the Partner community, you are only addressing partners, volunteers and BdC community Team.


For this I strongly reccomend you start over, and this time make sure everything is correct.

Or if you already received some emails about your registration and it includes a Property ID, then phone the local/regional BdC number.


I suspect you do not have fuil extranet access so this guide may not be of use, but maybe you do: Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods


If not then use this list:contact one of our main lines


Kind Regards