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Mistake in advertisement


could you please help me with our advertisement? We did a mistake and I couldn't correct it. Our apartment has only 1 Bedroom with 1 extra-large double bed and 1 Living room with 1 sofa bed. But we did a mistake and in advertisement are Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2 and Living room. Is it possible to correct it? I don't want to create a new advertisement, because we have very good references and we don't want to lose them. I wrote an email on, but they didn't response.

The first picture is wrong:


The second is right:


Thank you for your help!!

Best regards




Hi Tomáš 


I will start with the misinformation


  1. There is no email address for Partner Support, never has been.  
  2. That email address above has nothing to do with Partners, its only for Guests.


For the property layout /room details feature under property menu...

If you cannot alter the settings then please pick up the phone and call BdC support to have them walk you through how to fix it.


To find the correct contact info and where see my Guide :  Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide



Kind Regards


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