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mobile bookings

Happy New Year!

I am new and still navigating the various  tools within One of which being the mobile bookings. I am curious to know  how may of you have implemented this and what was the result and what strategies you used to ensure you didn't lose to much income if many of your booking are reduced by 10%. Thanks for engaging  in advance - Andrea 

M Adamopoulou

Hi Andrea and welcome to the Partner Community.


I have used it in the past but not anymore...

Is one of thise discounts that stacks with other programs such as Genius etc.


I guess it depends what suits you best...


Wish you a great start.

Account Adviso…

Hi Andrea Chott,


Welcome to! If you are still deciding which programs work for you, Mobile Rates are a great place to start. We find that more than 60% of our bookings now are being made on a mobile device so this is fast becoming the dominant booking channel for our guests.


Using this targeted rate will also give you extra front end tagging on the app to help you stand out and improve your visibility. Mobile Rates are quite flexible and come with 30 rolling blackout dates so you can really focus the rate on your need periods (say your midweek might be quieter than your weekends) to make the discount work for you.


Give it a go and let us know how it works for you!


Kind regards,

Shirley E.