Monthly Pricing Vs Nightly Prices

I'm an owner and I have a standard price 59€/night (+ 15´% for Booking = 68€/night). For a full month I want to charge 1.000€/night (+15% for Booking = 1.150€). But my listing is published at 2.040€ (or 68€ x 30). That means more than double the price I want to earn. Can any one tellme how to resolve this problem ? Thanx in advance - Harry


hi there!

there might be other ways to solve your problem but one way is to create a promotion and offering a discount for long stays. However using this option I believe the discount is for stays of 7days - would this work for you?

Harry Verbruggen

This would indeed be a solution if I can make it for a full month. But how do I do this in practice ? Harr

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Harry-Verbruggen and welcome to the forum.

As far as I know BDC has promotion for 7 days as a long stay option. DCIf you want to make a promotion for longer stay you have to request from BDC to include this option for you. So you either call your local BDC office for support or you can send a message request through your Extranet inbox.

Wish you the best, and if possible give us feedback...

Harry Verbruggen

Thank you verymuch, jaybeegee and M-Adamopoulou. I'll contact my local BDC-office and get back with concrete info. Harry