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More than one check in day



I'm new to We have a small holiday cottage business and I want to offer guests Monday and Friday check ins as these are our change over days. Is there any way that I can do this, as I think it only allows me to choose one change over day. I have written in in my rules and description but people still book to arrive on the wrong days.



Leandri Klopper

Hi Liz,

Welcome to the Forum, you totally asked this in the right place.

We have the same rule, min of 4 nights stay from Monday to Friday and 3 nights Friday to Monday.

You need to ask for the following tools to be added in your calendar:
Block Arrivals, Block Departures, Min Stay

Then on Monday you add a Min stay of 4 nights, you block arrival and departure for Tuesday through to Thursday. On Friday you add min stay of 3 nights, you block arrival and departure for Saturday and Sunday.

That means they will be able to booking From Monday to Friday/Monday and from Friday to Monday/Friday.

Hope this helps!