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Ms. Munkhzaya

Good afternoon!

I just joined Booking. com. Therefore I have 1 question. How can I change the price (room rate) & direction, which I wrote false. I cant change it. do you have any tips, or video about it?


Aaltje B.

Hi Ms. Munkhzaya

If you login to extranet, you can change it yourself. Look for the rates and availability tab.

you can also have a look at the other tabs to see what else you can do to make your setup complete. There is a lot you can add to make things easier for the guests to understand what you have to offer.

ps if you google : how to login into extranet, you will see it well explained.

I am not very good with cutting and pasting things. haha. so won't explain that part.

Good luck,


Aaltje B.