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Multiple Listings for same property

Hello dear community,

I am new here.

I have a question. Am i allowed to have multiple listings for same property ?

Point is i have a house with 5 apartments and i share it with my family member , she has 3 apartments and i have 2, she is listing them here on booking for few years and she is trying to help me by listing 2 of my listings on her account.

So my questions is , am i allowed to create my own listing here and put my 2 apartments as well ?


Thank you


Isle of Wight …

I won't say yes or no, I will say "check terms".

Some owners list their own properties and also use an agent, thereby having 2 listings. Whoever lists a property needs to verify it.

Make sure to link calendars. I know AirBnB can link to other AirBnB calendars (and with and TripAdvisor etc) but calendar sync does not always work properly and no idea how well it will sync with another calendar. Consider using 3rd party calendar sync software.

Jason Tirado

what if you have 4 listings in a residential building, what would you select, how would you list it. As a hotel, as an aparmtne, as something else