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is my account ok?

Hello. I recently joined and open an account and I'm not sure if everything is ok. My friend also opend an account and has all summer booked out, but I haven't got a single reservation. I must be doing something wrong. Can you help me? Tnx, Rman

Aaltje B.


How are you? 

I hope that you have got sorted out your issue why no bookings coming in. 

If still no bookings you can seek contact with the BDC team, via the extranet. There should be a special contact in your country. 

Any questions? Keep asking. 



Aaltje B. 


Thank you, I allready solved the problem.

Greetings, RMAN

M Adamopoulou

Hi! RMAN and welcome to the Partner Community.

Have you opened your rooms???

Make sure it is not set in 0....

Is your calendar updated????

Maybe you can compare your friends listing with yours...just an option...

Wish you a great season!!!



Thank you. The problem is solved.

Greetings, RMAN