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my apartment not yet online

Hello, I wounder why my appartement is not yet online?


Aaltje B.

Hi Mrdfod

It may take a few weeks from setting-up to using date.

there are a few things that are important,

Did you add all the info they request, and did you do it by cellphone or desktop?

You should have received an email from BDC confirming that your unit is accepted.

If you still are unsure you can contact the platform by logging into the Extranet, and look for the Inbox tab. It will give you several options, or search the contact tab.

Your listing number will be given at the time of confirmation, so hopefully you will hear soon.

The first weeks can be a bit of trial and error, as you discover how everything works. Keep looking up questions via the search bar in the extranet. There is lots to discover.

I hope you get things sorted, otherwise, let us know, please.


Aaltje B.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Mrdfod and welcome to the forum. In addition to Aaltje B comments please check that you have opened your rooms and room set is not set to 0.
Wish you a good start...

Mashi Niwarthana

Wish you luck..!!
Check all the amenities and complete all the things.
Cheers from SriLanka.