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my holiday house has no letter box, i need the verication code sent to my home

my holiday house has no letter box, I need the verification code in the letter sent to my home

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Petra,


The simple answer is go get a mailbox or method at the property address to allow the postman to deliver.

There is generally no alternative unless the support team has an exception based on your region/country.


There have been many who have requested this before, and the only thing I have seen mentioned by some was a video call.


Try contacting BdC support and see if they will offer to do the video call verify method. info below.



Kind Regards



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Community Admin 2 years ago

Hi Petra Remmen welcome to Community! Regrettably we can't send the verification letter to your home address, as the whole point of the verification is checking if the property is a real one. If you don't have a letter box and your listing address is correct, we can suggest you to put a temporary one (if it's possible), just to see if you can receive the code. We know it looks more as a workaround solution but why don't give it a try?! If you really can't go for this option, than we suggest you to contact our customer support to explain the situation, so to find a way to verify the listing. Have a lovely day!

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi Petra,  Had same problem since my property is in a rural place...

BDC gave me the option to receive the code through email... 

Contact them and surely they can support you.

Wish you luck.