My listing is not up

Hello there,

I try to post my apartment in Switzerland, and once I done the listing I got this: ******

What I should to list my property?

On another sites like bnb I got live in 12 hours, here I must to proof my identity to can be live my property?

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Hi Michael and welcome to the booking.com partner forum for sharing tips, advice, etc.

Yes on booking.com you will need to validate the address of the property which I guess if fair enough.

You should recv the verification in the post of the property and not at your home address. I have read in the past here that you can email booking.com and ask for alternative verification eg. you do a video call entering the property and show them around. Try clicking the option you have where you did not recv the code or you might want to contact the partner support directly https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/where-you-can-reach-us

Michael Richter

And if I am not at the property every time what should to do?

Because I living in United Kingdom.


You must pick-up the mail on the address you've provided, or someone else to pick it up for you so that you'll be able to get the code that is needed for confirmation. Or try jay's suggestion.