Need to change Company Name (legal entity) as it is my own name not the business please.

I have my booking agreement, and the Property Name is correct but under "company name (legal enitity) it is saying individual entrepreneur and then my name, which is incorrect as I would like it to be the property name! Please help me! Haha

I need to have the correct name and then somehow have a new agreement printed off with the new info :(

Leandri Klopper

Hey there!

Try to change it here:

Account -> Security -> Way at the top:

See if that does anything?

Keep well.


I dont have this choice unfortunately but I have same problem as described above.

Matt Jeffs

Same, I also have this problem but don't have this choice listed on my security page. How else could I access this?

Community Admin

Dear Matt Jeffs! Thanks for posting in the Community!


If you need to make changes to your Accommodation agreement, you will have to contact our Customer Support team via Extranet Inbox. 


It is not possible to make changes to your Agreement via Extranet.


Best regards!