New (from AirBnb)

Hi there,

I have listed on AirBnB for 5 years. I just joined bookings last night but can't quite get my head around all the information.

I was wondering If I could talk to an experienced person from Sydney who has also listed with AirBnB.  I am better at conversation then reading through all the information.

I would be very, very grateful if there was someone who was willing to help me.

I live in Paddington, Sydney, so a face to face coffee would be even better!

My number is 0413 244 200.

Thanks, lorraine

Aaltje B.

Hi lorraine,

Uhm, I am in New Zealand, very experienced with Airbnb, and pretty much on the ball with BDC as well. You're right, this system is not as straightforward as A, but after a bit of practise, you will get there.

What is the problem? Did you not receive your confirmation via the email?.

Are all your photo's up and running? (high resolution)

And a description of everything...

Give it a try.


Aaltje B. New Zealand.