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Hi, I currently have 2 properties with AirBnb and have just joined

The first property, is waiting verification of address but when i put on the second property it went live straight away. It says every date is sold out even though I have synced calendars.

Does that need to be verified as well?

Surely can see that it is genuine from the past reviews.

Also, the listing says no Internet, how do I change it? 

Very frustrating website, please help.


Thank you

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Ilaria - Commu…

Hi Mchipperfield6 ,

Welcome and thanks for your post.

Best way to get to know the Community is to introduce yourself in the dedicated post and share a few things about you.

Since another partner hasn’t replied yet, I’d recommend sending a message through your extranet or use the phone number listed next to your extranet inbox.

All the best!

5 months ago