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I am new to booking.com and  I dont know how it works.I have some questions. I would appreciate your help. Some questions to follow 

1. When do the guests pay me  ? after they leave or before they arrive ? My stay is non refundable 

2. how would I know how much commission fees/ service fees do I have to pay ? will these be deducted from my payment ?

3. Can the price be adjusted depending on the number of people ? or is it a fixed price independent of whether you are catering for a small group or a large one.  are there any cleaning fees included ?

4. How does the cancellation policy work ? 

Thanks everyone for answering my many questions !!


Leandri Klopper

Hi Donia!

Welcome to the Forum and Congrats on listing your property.

Wow you are new, Booking.com is supposed to give you a call once the property has been verified. Then they walk you through how it works. But I don't mind quickly answering those questions for you:

1. That's up to you, you are responsible for arranging payment with the guest. But I suggest getting payment sorted prior to / upon arrival.

2. The commission amount is stated per booking. (Normal comm amount should be 15% of the booking's price). No, the guests are not aware of the commission that Booking.com takes.

3. Yes, you will see a per person rate and a Room rate. (Methinks you need to phone a friend at Booking.com to ensure you set this up right). Cleaning fees should be included in the price you set up. We are not allowed to charge extra... unless that has changed.

4. You set this up yourself. Go to Property - > Policies. You will see the cancellation policies there.

Listen, I the questions you are asking are Core aspects of how Booking.com works and if set up incorrectly can cause you Major problems. I strongly suggest you phone Booking.com and ask the consultant to do what they call a walkthrough with you. The consultant will most probably tell you that a specialist will call you back. But it's better than you have someone doing the set up with you, step by step.

Here is how you reach them:

Where you can reach us.

How do I contact Booking.com?.

I wish you all the best Donia, and many bookings to you!


Welcome to booking.com platform.Once a booking is made you are supposed to to login to the email address you had signed up your property with. then you will see that message listed on it. click that message and login that extranet in front of your screen. its good to discuss payments after the particular guest arrives at your property.Commission is deducted by the number of guests per head.If you had set the preferences that a guest should pay upon arrival make sure to keep booking.com commission because a commission invoice will be sent to you at the end of every month per the number of the bookings. Be sure to recognize a no show button at the far right end of your computer because some guests just book and they never show up at all.Am a victim my property right now from tuesday have been de listed by booking.com because i failed to indicate a no show to three of my bookings and now they believe am refusing to pay up the due commission.A no show button lasts 48 hours actively

Welcome to the partners forum!

M Adamopoulou

Donia so nice to have you here. Be sure you read booking .com guidelines as carefully as possible. As Leandri commented if you set up your listing incorrectly you might have serious problems.
Wish you a good start...

Leandri Klopper


Sorry to hear about that Kibokoafrica ! The No-Show is a slippery slope my friend, grab you gear and get a strong foothold now or you will struggle forever more.

Best of luck, I sincerely hope you get back up and running again.

Mashi Niwarthana


Welcome to booking.com and If you have any question you can contact them through a message or over the phone. And you must read the guideline carefully. And all the people have given answers for you too. :-)