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New to need some advice in setting it up right

Hi my name is Charley. I have numerous town homes I can put out there for booking but I have to see the driver's license (or ID) and validate (run a background) People text there ID to me and then I give them a thumbs up or down. its super easy to do but dont see a way to set that up. When people use I dont how to VET them first

I also have full time residents living on the property and have to validate and vet every one staying there, only takes like 90 seconds.  No cost to the traveler, I subscribe to a service that provides more searches than I ever need. Am I going to be able to use and if so how? or do I need to delete this listings that don't fit? 

Thuild - Your …

Dear Charley,

You can read my article for setting up things well, here:

Regarding your vetting case, it might not work well. Guest ID will not be sent or shown to BDC, they will have to have it on them when checking in.

You can also have their Credit Card information, Address, Phone Number, but that's about it.

In my opinion, such a system would be great to have, you should suggest it to BDC :)

Best regards,