new facility - address verification


The address of the apartment for rent is not my home address. 

How can I give my home address ? Where ?

A home address is needed to get a verification code.



Hi Dorota,


I am going to ask a silly question.... can you go to the property listed and collect the post there and get it that way?

Or if both addresses in same country setup mail forwarding.


I have to assume since you did not share any location info nor the property listing URL into your partner profile you are in the same country as the property in question.


The devil is in the detail , so please set all context and scope when posting. Other wise we go in blind and have to guess .


Click on my name find a how-to guide on linking your property URL to your profile, take 60 seconds to do it, thank you kindly. 



Kind Regards

Community Admin

Dear Dorota Borys, thank you for posting in the community.


Please note the for the verification purposes we'll send a letter with a unique verification code by post to the property address you provided during registration, not to your home address. Depending on your location, it can take up to 25 days (including weekends) for your letter to arrive. 


You can find more information in the link below: 



Kind regards.