New flat Byt Marketa 3 + 1

Hello, we have been working together for several years. We pay your invoices regularly. We have a rating of 9.7. Now we want to add a new apartment "Apartman Marketa 3 1". The apartment is finished in the Extranet. We have been waiting a long time for your view with the code. It doesn't make sense at all !! We and you are running out of sales. We haven't received any code via post in a long time. Please solve this situation in another way and open my new apartment. Thank you for your answer and for thinking about the nature of the problem. Thank you


You have posted this on the partner forum and we are unable to help with a validation code.  Message booking.com help team using Inbox icon on Extranet.


Hello Studio Markéta! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for sharing it with other fellow partners. Unfortunately, the verification code process may take some time. I would recommend contacting support. Maybe they will offer you an alternative way to confirm the location of your property.