New host

Hello booking.com world. 

I just registered my apartment here. As you can imagine i have plenty of stuff to figure out. 

From where do i add my airbnb calendar here to avoid double reservations

where i write the bank account number for the payments

So many questions please if I could get some help i would be very happy 

Don Burns

Booking,com and Expedia do not allow me to synchronize my reservation calendars with Airbnb.  I must manually block-out booking dates on those calendars immediately after receiving a new reservation.


Click the Finance tab on the Extranet webpage and type-in your bank account details to receive direct payments.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Joakim and welcome to the Partner Community.

In your search box you can find any information you may need.

Of course when starting everything is confusing but you will find your way in no time I am sure.

Wish you a great start...

Isle of Wight …

There is a calendar sync somewhere in your Extranet, but Booking.com calendar sync is broken and you can get double bookings. Manually block every booking!


For payments is not just enough to put your bank account details. You need to request to activate the feature "Payments by booking.com" if available in your country.